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UNARVU is a leaflet prepared and published 2011 for private circulation from the Central Office of TSSS.

An The object of this publication is to empower the different forums and groups under TSSS on different subjects: dos and don’ts, information, necessary laws and rules a person has to know as a citizen of the state, a buyer, a consumer and where to get regression for any offense – against children women and the rights and obligations, eliciting self respect, leadership, skill training, the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication medias, food habits specially mobile phone and fast food and the like.

This is a handout to the listeners and a guide to TSSS resource persons to prepare the topics for classes

A variety of subjects is preselected relevant for the year and the social needs of the current year and different persons are arranged to prepare the leaflet. This has been proved to be very helpful to the different forums and units so far. This helps the listeners to take home the leaflets for further reading and to communicate their knowledge to others.

In today’s society, the use of social media has become a necessary daily activity. Social media is typically used for social interaction and access to news and information, and decision making.

Our impact this year

Trivandrum Social Service Society is making a measurable impact on different communities in Trivandrum and Kanayakumari Districts.

  • We are nearing to complete this year target in House A Gift
  • Support 300 Families in Save A Family Project
  • Develop their understanding of right and wrong
  • Enjoy learning and start doing better at school
  • Have a positive identity and self-worth
  • Enjoy new experiences