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Fish Vending Women

The purpose of formation of the forum was the social, economic, spiritual and cultural development of the fish vending women and its ultimate aim is the integral progress of their families. The first Fish Vending Women’s Forum started in Thoothoor forane in 1992. Offering awareness classes, guaranteeing dignity of labour, lobbying for ensuring security, justice and basic amenities at their market places and providing credit for the occupation of the members were the major programmes of the Forum. Forty seven Forum units were there in the 6 coastal forane and the total membership was 1533. Issue based activities at the market place was one of the activities of the Forum. During the year, different fish vending groups in different market identified various issues such as unhygienic conditions, lack of drinking water and toilet facilities, misbehavior of men, improper waste disposal and hike in the price of market space .Through submission of memorandum to the concerned authorities with the support of the staff members, highlighting these issues and demanding urgent solutions the members were able to resolve most of the problems.  To distribute modern equipments to create a modern and healthy atmosphere in the market.


Provision for loan for carrying on their work was another activity of the Forum. During the year Rs. 7.05 lakh was distributed as loan among 753 members , thereby helped them relieve from the exploitation of the money lenders. The forum members celebrated Onam, Christmas and Workers Day at the forane level and the Fishery’s Day and Women’s Day both at the forane and diocesan levels. A book titled “ Theeramanayunna Jeevithangal “ highlighting the growth and development of the fish vending women and their Forum was published and released in the Fishery’s Day celebration occasion. The forum members also observed the Year of Mercy with various activities. One of the forane members visited a destitute home and gave them necessary provisions, another forane members visited bed ridden patients and gave them stationary and other necessities, the members of another forane visited a jail and comforted them and the other forane group started distribution of lunch to the patients in a Government hospital, once a week

For strengthening the activities of the Forum and its members, regular monthly meeting at unit level, forane and diocesan level were organized other than the Executive Committee and General Body meeting organized two times in the year. Awareness class, review of activities, sharing of experience and problems, taking decisions for resolving issues, disbursement of loan and collection of repayment were the routine activities of unit meeting. Review, evaluation and planning for succeeding month were the major activities of the meeting at the forane and diocesan levels.

Important Objectives

To plan and implement the activities for the welfare and development of fish vending women and their families. To give awareness on the present issues happening in the world and the society. To give awareness on the life style deceases and hygiene. To provide proper guidelines and training for the effective and profitable way of fish vending. To work for ensuring facilities for fish processing and preservation. To network with Matsyafed, Fisheries Department and other fisheries related institutions to improve the physical situation of the market places, to start value added fish processing centres and to channelize benefits available with Government schemes to the fish vending women. To pressurize Government for the just collection of taxes from the market places and work for providing basic facilities at market places.