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Community Health Program

Health and Hygiene:-Ensuring the good health and hygiene of coastal area and the marginalized of the society is the objective of all the health activities undertaken in our Archdiocese through TSSS. Community health is the most important factor in our health care. Under the leadership of Government hospital doctors and Jubilee Hospital of the diocese doctors awareness classes about contagious diseases of various kinds are conducted and medical detection and treatment thereafter. For elderly and sick people who cannot travel, Jubilee hospital mobile clinic reaches their doorstep with free service which is a great consolation. For the special care and attention of elderly people, TSSS has a forum of Senior Citizens. Senior Citizen’s Group:- Under health wing, we are taking care of the senior citizens of our Archdiocese who are in the evening of their lives. The sole aim of this grouping is to make them feel wanted and valued very much in the society through their sharing of life experiences. Bringing them together from the confined home situations and sharing their life experience is a great concern that we show towards them. Such gatherings enthuse them in spirit and energize them in their health. This also gives a message to the society about the importance and need of caring for elders.

Mother and Child Health

Mother and child and their health are very much important for the health situation of a community. The most of the operational area of TSSS being in the coastal region is faced with a lot of health hazards. So, TSSS is implementing a community-based health project intending to make the people aware about the reproductive health; to enable the community to address the health issues and problems; to capacitate the adolescents to develop and follow best health practices; to sensitize the community and to build up good linkages with Panchayathi Raj institutions; to take up a lead role in advocacy and strengthen the health intervention in the target area.

Health awareness for the school children

School children and youth are the future builders of our society. Hence acquiring knowledge of health and possessing good health is indispensable for our future generation. With this in mind, we give awareness classes for the budding youth of our society. They are made aware of a disciplined food style for a healthy life. More specifically they are told to avoid the intake of junk food and drinks which are very harmful to their health. They are told to avoid junk food to follow a systematic lifestyle of food habits and a balanced diet which will enable them to grow as healthy and strong free from all contagious and incurable diseases.

Cancer Care programme

Cancer is spreading today more than ever before. Cancer detection medical camps are conducted periodically and refer patients to RCC. We assist poor patients. Awareness classes for the students, parents and to enlighten them about the intake of food which is the main cause for cancer, discipline in life and food habits. This programme is enhanced through networking with various NGOs and Hospitals with the assistance of a project of Caritas India namely Ashakiranam.

Caring for the Differently-abled of the Society

TSSS gives special attention to differently-abled people of the society. This is a project under the Catholic Health Association of India. (CHAI) From our Archdiocese, we have 150 differently-abled children and youth who are cared for health and education through this project. These children are helped through the Government schemes to get their disability certificate, identity card, free pass for their journeys, pension, scholarship and Niramaya Health Insurance. Their caretakers also are given free training for Income Generating Programmes by the Government. We have a daycare centre for them. For their health care, we have a physiotherapy centre attached to the daycare centre. We provide wheelchairs for the needy. Differently-abled children’s caretakers group is formed for Self Help activities. Six SHG groups are newly formed to have Income Generating activities. The trained caretakers are actively engaged in their IGP, to sustain themselves and the disabled children with finance. The world day of differently-abled is celebrated every year to show our love and concern to them and to value their lives. Through this, we convey the message of right to life which is one of the sustainable development goals of the UN to the society.