Beginning of 90’s TSSS has taken a dare step to stop illegal liquor brewing and selling of alcohol in the coastal area. The diocese has in a way succeeded in achieving this objective. However it has not much changed the habit of drinking. The Pratheeksha de-addiction centre was established in the year 1995 for the rehabilitation of the addicts. The main source of budget for the centre is grant in aid from the ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. Due to the reputation of the center in the field of de-addiction, patients from all other districts of Kerala and patients from Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Male approach the centre for the treatment. The patients include from all walks of life like: Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, Government Officials, agricultural workers, artisans, coolies, drivers, slum dwellers, fishermen, and others. The centre is located half a kilometer away from the Shangumuham junction, on the way to Veli boat club. Helping a client to make decision to say - NO TO DRUGS - is a greatest challenge. It is found very difficult among drug abusers, because of the craving and its availability. They are realizing about the danger only when there is a heavy loss in their lives. Family members are recognising the need for treatment than the addict.


Long term objectives: Formation of a drug free society, Providing a healthy population to the Nation. Short term objectives: Help the individual to free themselves from the clutches of liquor/drugs, Rectify the disturbed family and surroundings by counselling, Create confidence in the patients of a drug/alcohol free life, Promote A.A groups, Create awareness to the youth on the ill-effect of this evil and warn them against the danger of this habit.


This year we gave importance for individual and group counselling by listening them patiently, we educated methods to say sober, relapse prevention techniques and abstinence based problems individually and in small groups. Future goals and finance management were discussed.This year we trained 130 students for placements. They also helped us in counselling under the guidance of our counsellors. Family issues were handled mainly by project directors and counsellors. Most of the patients were much satisfied of our counselling.

Training Students on De-Addition Treatment

The students (counselling students) (Psychology students) MSW, PGDCP, from different colleges and universities like IGNOU, Loyola TVM, CACC TVM, diploma counselling students from Trivandrum Diocese and from different colleges did the placement from 5 to 45days according to the academic requests. Like last year, a social work student from Sweden also did her placement of 8 weeks. They learned counselling procedure theoretically and practical way. They also learned group therapy and actively participated and helped on patients according to the guidance of counsellors.About 1000 students visited our centre for observation visit.

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