mother teresa day care

This institution is a unit of TSSS in Kanjiramkulam Grama Panchayath at Chavady established on 2nd February, 2004, coming under Parish of Pulluvila. Following the foot step of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, this Institution works for the uplift of people, who are poor and most neglected, especially the differently abled children with cerebral palsy and other related disabilities from among them. Ever since from its beginning the functioning of this Institution is in the safe hands of “Ancillae Secular Institute” and the selfless services of the sisters is to be appreciated very much and the Centre is in the path of fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended. Every year before the opening of the school in May field survey and house visiting are done to the neglected areas along the coast to identify the children with disabilities. At the very beginning of the school year the age of the child, mental capacity, grasping power etc. are determined and categorized: children with cerebral palsy, Autism, dour syndrome, learning disability. Accordingly the classes are divided into Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary, Pre Vocational and Vocational and training befitting to each category is given. An individual report is continuously maintained on each child.

A look back in to the Annals

The working hour of the Institution is from 9.30 to 3.30. Before the scheduled time children are taken from their home by vehicles and brought back at home after the school hour. Festive days are celebrated with making them understand of the importance of the days such as: Independence Day, Onam, Christmas and the annual celebration of the Institution. It was the good will of the parents of Mrs Lida Jacob IAS, Late Mr. Thimothy D’Cruz and Mrs. Mary Victor Morais who donated the land to the Archdiocese of Trivandrum for charitable purpose. It is in this property the Institution is housed. Rev.Fr. George J. Gomez was the Secretary of TSSS who took up the construction works.Rt. Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam, Bishop of Trivandrum blessed the building on 2nd February 2004.

Major Activities 2009-2015

Special School sanction obtained for this Institution. By this the Institution came under the jurisdiction of Kerala Education Department (14th June 2010), It is in this year a group of students got practiced to form a Band Unit.7th July 2010 Physio-therapy Unit was opened also for outpatients. And a physio-therapy clinic started. Also purchased a Body fitness equipment for the inmates, August 2010 marks the day noon meals started with the help of Ancillae Secular Institute. And from 10th January 2011 the funds for this were allotted from Education Department, The first outside performance of the Band Troup participated in the Church feast of Paruthiyooor on 12th November 2010,As part of a Govt. scheme “Thozil urappu” horticulture garden started, During this year the band group participated in the State Cultural Event of the State Special Schools and this was the only troop got applause from all the participants, Special training for cover making was given to the children with the help of TSSS and 6,000 Covers were given to TSSS

Major Activities 2016-2018

Marked the recognition of the Catholic Church for the services of the institution, Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference (KCBC) as a concluding befittingly the ‘Year of Mercy’ instituted Memento to honour the distinguished works of mercy done in different fields covering all the Dioceses of Kerala. Sr. Merline C. Thomas, Ancillae Secular Institute, working in Mother Teresa Day Care Centre for Differently Abled Children, Chavady, of the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum in the category “A num who has been exhibiting extra-ordinary dedication in taking care of those with physical or mental challenges” was awarded a Memento and Shawl at Pastoral Centre, Kottayam by His Beatitude Cardinal Mar Basilos Kleemis, KCBC Chairman, New Text Book and Teachers Guide for Special Schools was prepared and published by SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training – Kerala). This was launched by the Chief Minister of Kerala on 22d May 2018. There are 8 Text books and 8 Guides. The teachers of MTDC attended the training classes and the curriculum is scheduled as per the new teaching plan, On 11th December, 2017 the Special School Teachers and Staff of Trivandrum District - in which all of our Staff and students participated – Jointly created a “Sancta Claus” Cap in the ground of LNCP (Lekshmibai National Collage of Physical Education) Kariavattom, imitated by “Aswas” a society of the Special School Teachers of Trivandrum. The Principle MTDC Sr. Merlyn is a Coordinator of the society. This human made Sancta Claus Cap found a place in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’