Basic Infra Structure Development

Basic infrastructures for habitation, sanitation and drinking water are also major concerns of TSSS. It has been estimated that there are over 6000 families without a proper house of their own in the diocese and a good number of people do not have toilets of their own. TSSS has two schemes in this direction, House a Gift and Masam Oru Vasam.This ambitious programme is the souvenir project of the silver jubilee of our beloved Arch Bishop His Grace Most Rev. Dr.Soosapakiyam’s Episcopal Consecration and it is titled “House A Gift”. This aims toconstruct houses for all the homeless poor families of the Arch Diocese within a decade.“To live in a safe and comfortable home of one’s own is every one’s right anddream”. In all the 114 parishes of the 9 Foranes of the Arch Diocese it was confirmed that there are more than 6000 houseless families and they are not in a position to live peacefully and undisturbed. They live away from the forefront of the community and they are denied their right and social justice. Hence “House A Gift” project aims to construct cost effective homes for the homeless poor of our diocese by ensuring security for their lives within a period of 10 years.

Housea A GIFT

The “House A Gift” scheme was initiated under the guidance of our Archbishop Most Rev. Dr Soosa Pakiam on the special occasion of His Episcopal silver jubilee year, to meet this demand 320 people have benefited from the scheme so far.. The project is an ongoing one. The plinth area of each house is 410 sq. feet costing around 5 lakhs and this project is implemented by Trivandrum Social Service Society[TSSS] in association with Government,’Save A Family Plan’,Institutes,Parish and individuals. Several houses are taken up and constructed with local contractors help under proximate supervision of the Parish Priest,Parish Council ,Steering Committee members and our efficient engineering team. With the generous support of ‘Save A Family'{Rs.1,00,000/each},Parish{Rs.1,00,000}, Beneficiary{Rs.1,50,000} and Trivandrum Social Service Society{Rs.1,50,000/}the project has been materialized. Till now we have constructed one hundred houses and handed over the keys of the new Houses to the beneficiaries. In the financial year 2017-2018 we have constructed fifty houses.

Masam Oru Vasam

Masam Oru Vasam is a venture of a voluntary group which includes lay people, religious and priests. The members among themselves give a share of their income and they give their contribution for building a house for a very deserving poor family. The project is executed through TSSS.