Fathima Matha Community College

Fathima Matha Community college or People’s College The second branch of Community college is Fathima Matha community college Karumkulam. During 2014 a community college was started in Karumkulam specially to promote technical education to the dropouts in the coastal area. The curriculum of the classes NIOS syllabus, and the courses are electrical, plumbing and welding. As per the norms of NIOS the classes will begin in the month of June every year. There will be regular classes for 1200 hrs for each course. All students were trained in extracurricular activities including Grammar & spoken English Classes, leadership & personality Development classes etc., in addition to regular classes. This is an additional training which helps the students who go outside our country for work

A community college is a type of educational institution. The term can have different meanings in different countries: most community colleges have an “open enrollment” with a high school (also known as senior secondary school) completion, but usually refers to an educational institution that provides workforce education and college transfer academic programs. Some institutions maintain athletic teams and dormitories similar to their university counterparts. In India, 98 community colleges are recognized by the University Grants Commission. The courses offered by these colleges are diplomas, advance diplomas and certificate courses. The duration of these courses usually ranges from six months to two years


Community college is not what it used to be—in fact, there are major incentives to attending a local junior college. Not to mention the obvious financial advantage, junior college is a place where you can knock out your general courses and explore your other interests on a schedule that works for you. In my own experience, I found that junior college was a great place for me to figure out what major I was going to pursue and where I would eventually obtain my degree from. One of the most impressive professors that I have had the pleasure of learning from taught at the community school I attended, and some of the most interesting people I have ever met went there—think famous rock stars back from a tour in Europe just looking to learn a little Spanish. Maybe I just got lucky, but I'd like to think that community schools can offer something to everyone.