With the dream of building the Trivandrum Latin Diocese as a diocese of Anti Alcoholic Diocese, Trivandrum Social Service Society (TSSS) and KCBC Anti Alcoholic Forum began its fight to eliminate this social evil from the society. In 2011, a survey was conducted by the Diocese of Trivandrum, on Socio-Financial-and Faith Formation it was found that from the total population of 2,17,821 , 2,2300 men and 927 women were addicted to alcohol. This shocking scenario was to be altered. Having the objective of an alcohol free society and Diocese, various reach out programmes were organised by the Diocese. Aim: Trivandrum Diocese aims to construct a society without the use of harmful drugs. A series of programmes conducted in collaboration with Excise Department include, running one week excise stall, awareness classes, counseling, homoeopathy treatment, declaration of drug free families, public meetings and formation of Jagratha samithy. Several of these programmes were organized in the presence and engagement of dignitaries such as Bishop, Excise Officials, Elected Representatives, etc. A one day seminar on Liquor policy of the state Government was one of the programmes organized. iquor policy and the contemporary trends, liquor bar and people’s organizations against the bars.

Mukthy Dyanam

To liberate the people from the poisonous clutches of Alcoholic Addiction, since 2015, Trivandrum Latin Diocese TSSS and Diocese’s Anti Alcoholic Commission along with Prateeksha De Addiction IRCA , a retreat is being organised in Anugraha Bhavan , Menamkulam. Initially the retreats were held frequently but later on it was fixed to once in a month. The retreat consists of Eucharist, adoration, spiritual talks, praise and worship, music banquet, medical check up, awareness classes by doctors, family counselling etc. A group of lay persons who are charismatic leaders are the driving force behind this programme. This programme is financed by TSSS.

Prateeksha de addiction centre

With the intention to rehabilitate the alcohol addicts and to create a society free of drugs , in 1995 a de addiction centre was started at Shangumugham, Trivandrum which caters to people of all walks of life, without any religious consideration. Many have been treated here so far and leading a normal social life. Through this de addiction centre vocational trainings also given, like paper cover making, lotion making, and detergent manufacturing. World Tobacco Day and Anti Alcohol day are observed with meaningful celebrations.

AA Groups, Grama Deepam

There were 9 Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) Groups in 6 forane and the members came together after the Holly Mass in every Sunday and did prayer service and took oath. MUKTHI RETREAT was another activity conducted in Anugraha Bhavan, in collaboration with various prayer groups. A total of 303 people participated in the 9 programmes organized, which helped most of the participants relieved from the temptation of using alcohol. The Mukthi Volunteers made regular visits to their families as follow up. In order to pressurise the Government to close the liquor bar in Poovar , the parish people with the leadership of parish Priest, in collaboration with other religious leaders conducted Rally and Panchayat Dharna demanding renouncing NOC for BAR to Geethu Hotel. The dharna lasted for 83 days and 300 people participated in it. As a result the Government renounced the NOC.