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Become A Donation
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Self Help Groups

The economic empowerment of the rural poor, especially women in the rural area is possible only through self help group. The specific objectives include promotion of saving habits among the members, help maintain good relationship among the members in the neighborhood, help improve the social, economic and cultural status of women in their families and in the society help improve their leadership qualities, help reduce their poverty and promote the quality of leadership by active involvement in social problems. With these objectives TSSS decided to start its own SHGs for the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum.Following are the activities undertaken during the reporting period. Including the 56 SHGs formed during 2017-2018, we have a total numbers of 1886 registered SHGs under TSSS. Out of these only 1193 SHGs are active.

SHG’s Regular Programes

For the efficient and smooth function of SHGs they are clustered. Each cluster consisting of 25 to 30 SHGs, and under the super vision of a SHG organizer. Due to this the monitoring process was found easy and financial aspect was made transparent. The SHG organizers meetings are conducted every first Thursday of the month, in the presence of administrative officer and SHG co-ordinator. During this meeting the SHG organizers present the reports which are evaluated and suggestions provided. The diocesan level meetings of SHG animators are conducted every first Thursday of the month. The animators present report of each region after evaluating the activities. The activities of the following months are also discussed and planned during these meetings this process have ensured the quality of the activities.

‘Unarvu’ Study Material

To create social awareness among the SHG members a printed study material named ‘UNARVU’ was distributed through SHG organizers the study material issued from 2017 April to 2018 March highlighted worthy themes. As a result of these study materials SHGs involved in social issues and achieved good results. A series of awareness classes were conducted on various topics such as, the disadvantage of medias, women and law, activities of Suchthwa Mission and food security. Two classes each on the topics was conducted in the 8 region for the members of SHG federation aimed at increasing the leadership quality and self esteem among the members. Skill development training was another activity of SHGs. In order to improve and strengthen the living standards of the SHG members, Job training for self employment was given at the forane and parish level.

Works of Charity

SHG members of Adimalathura contributed Rs 200 cash and Rs 28500 collected the amount was given to a 13 years old child for liver trans plantation likewise in Adimalathura 4 cancer patients were given Rs. 4000 Rs. 1000 Each in Karimkulam Parish Rs 5000 to 5 patients, is Rs 1000 each. Through jilla mission an amount of Rs 18,00,000 was made available to 120 SHG of Adimalathura Parish that is Rs 15,000 each, like wise in poovar Rs 90,000 obtained from Jilla mission was given to 6 SHG groups @ Rs 15000 each as revolving fund.