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Anti-alcohol & Environment

Addressing of Substance Abuse:- Trivandrum Social Service Society always fights against substance abuse. Ever since Bishop Soosa Pakiam became the Bishop of Trivandrum, with his spiritual and moral courage TSSS was vehemently fighting against the social evil of production, distribution and consumption of alcohol. TSSS takes up a number of anti-alcohol activities and the most striking is Mukthi de-addiction psycho-spiritual service and Integrated treatment for addicts at Pratheeksha de-addiction centre. Alcohol and drug abuse is a complex socio-economic issue that requires a total intervention by various agencies and an integrated approach towards a drug-free society. Creating awareness about the dangers of substance abuse in society is very essential. We through our Social Action Ministry reach out to the children, youth, men and women, as they are the focus group. The aims of all the programmes are through grass-root level intervention bringing about the prevention of substance abuse. To attain this aim we give awareness programme to various groups and communities. We also provide counselling service for the individuals as well as for the families

A programme in the name of Grama Deepam is conducted to create and to build a village community free of using substance abuse. To attain this objective following means are used: exhibition, drama, and street plays, rallies, and house to house campaigns, medical checkup, awareness classes both for children, youth, men and women. Various competitions like drawing, essay writing speech and dance to create awareness among the people. We do all this in collaboration with the Excise department and the local community leaders. International Day against Drug abuse is observed every year on June 26th with various programmes. To inculcate interest among the children to raise voice against drug abuse a novel idea such as a sticker campaign was conducted, by which TSSS could reach out at least 3400 children. The sticker campaign is intended to conscientise the family members through the children. The motto of the sticker campaign is, “father and brothers that does not use substances is a blessing for the house and the society.” Many success stories are created as the children come out to narrate the changes that have occurred in their families.

Mukthy Retreat for the addicted

Mukthy psycho-spiritual retreat is a six days stay in renewal programme started in April 25th 2015 for the spiritual renewal of the alcohol and drug addicts. The pillar of this programme is the group of Charismatic volunteers who selflessly give themselves for the conversion of the addicts. Many have given up the use of alcohol in their lives and living a responsible parenthood. As follow up Kudumba Sangamams are organized for those who have attended the Mukthi De-addiction Programme, which had given an opportunity for them to come together as a group to pray, to share their experiences of living a life without alcohol & drugs. This gathering enables them to support and to motivate each other.

Pratheeksha Rehabilitation Centre

Pratheeksha de-addiction Centre was started in the Jubilee Hospital in the year 1994, this programme has been founded by TSSS. The target group comes from all walks of life. The programme consists of treatment, counselling and awareness classes. The duration is from 22 to 32 days. Every year 550 people benefit from this centre. This programme is supported by the Central Government through the scheme of social justice.

Environment Protection Activities

Major thrust under this commission is giving awareness programmes to the public on the protection of nature. The people are conscientized on waste the management and on energy conservation. TSSS had published a book in this domain and we made use of that, and give classes based on “Spirituality of environment and its lifestyle”. In collaboration with the government programme namely Shuchithwa mission, we reach out to many people in different regions to give awareness on the preservation of the environment and to build up a lifestyle without a plastic.