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We Receive Foreign help for our Activities.

Caritas India is the official national organisation of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India for social development. It was established in 1962 to assist the Church in India in efforts to eradicate poverty, reach relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters and organize communities for self advancement. More>>
Ondoan Calcutta, NGO is an association Gipuzkoa, Non-Profit, declared a public utility, born in 1999. Calcutta Ondoan supports humanitarian projects and promoting comprehensive development of individuals and groups in India, respecting their identity as individuals and as a people, their religion and promoting human rights and gender equity.More>>
Founded in 1943 by Sr Mary Glowrey, an Australian sister-doctor, the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), is today one of the world's largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Adopting Community Health as its focus, CHAI has been successfully implementing community health interventions throughout India.More>>
Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is a non-profit organisation working with the mandate for a humane social order based on truth, justice, freedom and equity. Established in 1960, IGSSS works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country.More>>

Save a family India (SAFPI) – provides us with monthly help to the selected families and regular support for income generation programme to the families, from Canada.

Stiching Lilian Foundation, Netherlands helps the handicapped for their studies and medication.

Caritas India has helped us in many areas of our undertakings and also comes to our aid at time of disaster.

Caritas Gipuzkoa, Spain has come to our aid with an integrated development project in Kovalam Region.

Indien Hilfswerk, Erich Ospelt, Lichestein  was very generous with us in studying the situation of the Fish vending women first by a survey and followed by different projects to empower the fish vending  women.

Italian Bishop’s Conference has helped us to take up sustainable livelihood project in two of our interior regions.


 Linkages with Other Organisations


Ministry of Social Justice  & Empowerment – Collaborates with us in our rehabilitation programme of alcohol and other substance abused persons by way of grant-in-aid since 1992.

Ministry of Women & Child Development – Our intervention in Child care and protection is also carried through the ‘Child Line’ activities.  We are the supportive organization for child line, Trivandrum. The ministry supports us financially since 2000.

State T.B. Centre – Health care field work, especially to reach out to the poor patients and regularly and giving prescribed medicines and making sure that the patients are taking the medication properly is the task we share with this Centre.