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TSSS is the nodal organization of Trivandrum Archdiocese to implement social action programmes for the empowerment and development of people in Trivandrum and Kannyakumari Districts irrespective of caste, creed or religion.  The society is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable charitable organization dedicated to the integral development of people in the operational area.


 Creation of a Just Society based on Love, Peace, Truth and Justice.



Empowerment of Marginalized Communities towards Sustainable and Participatory Development Process.



  • To organize the communities and facilitate formation and strengthening of local leadership
  • To build up the capacity of the people for sustainable livelihood
  • To facilitate creative participation of women in socio-economic and political processes
  • To improve health status of the poor by promoting community health.


  • Village Level: We have 106 TSSS village unites in the Archdiocese of Trivandrum, headed by the Parish Priest as the president and two elected members each from all the Basic Christian Communities (BCCs) / Basic Human Communities (BHCs). This group forms village level General Body, from which a 13 member executive committee is formed at the village level.


Regional Level: The operational area of TSSS is divided in to eight regions: Thoothoor, Pulluvila, Kovalam, Valiathura, Puthukurichy, Anjengo, Palayam and Pettah. The village executives of each region form Regional General Body, from which 13-member regional executive body is elected.


Central Level: The area of operation of TSSS comprises of 686 sq.kms, mostly covering the coastal belt of Trivandrum district of Kerala and Vilavankodu Taluk of Tamilnadu. Executives of the eight regional bodies form Central Level General Body and out of which 15 member governing body is formed including ex-officio members.