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  • Sustainable Livelihood through SHGs
  • Women Empowerment through Vanitha Vedies
  • Programme for Women in Distress
  • Fish Vending Women Welfare Programme
  • Family Adoption Programmes
  • Child Protection and Child Rights through Balavedies and Child Line
  • Balavedies
    Child line - 1098


  • Housing Programme
  • Housing
    House Maintenance


  • Primary Health and Community Health Programme
  • Some of the recent projects
    Reproductive Child Health (RCH)
    H – 13 Project


  • Environment Hygiene and Protection
  • Waste Management Awareness Classes and Constructing Bio-gas Plants
    WATSAN (Water & Sanitation) Programme
    Sanitation Programme


  • Rehabilitation Programmes (Support for Physically and Mentally Challenged)
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Programme
    Activities through  Mother Theresa Day Care Centre
    Institution based Rehabilitation programme for mentally challenged and mentally ill people


  • Programmes against Substance Abuse
  • Pratheeksha De-Addiction Centre at Shangumugam
  • Nursery and Nutrition Programme
  • Supplementary and Continuing Education Programmes
  • Supplementary Education Program
    Dropout centers


  • Functional Vocational Training Programmes
  • Vocational Training programme
    1. St. Xavier’s Computer Centre
    2. ST Xavier’s ITC Valiyathura
    3. St Xavier’s Institute of Technology
    4. St.Xavier’s Community College
    Financial Assistance for Higher Studies


  • Fishermen and other Labours welfare programme
  • Centre for Fisheries Studies
    Tiruvananthapuram Matsythozhilali Forum (TMF)
    KLM (Kerala Labour Movement)
    Farmers club


  • Dalit Empowerment programme
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) Training
  • Social Work Course to Youth
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness
  • Networking with other NGOs, Government Departments and Local Bodies 
  • Micro planning, project formulation and implementation
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Co-ordinating and Facilitating 3 tier (Centre, Regional and Local) Services