Community Health Progame

To ensure the health and hygienic conditions of the people of our Arch diocese especially of the coastal area is the aim of all the health activities carried out through TSSS. Ashakiramam cancer care programme was carried out in the diocese in collaboration with swasthi Foundation, Regional Cancer centre and through the help of Dr.Sobha and her team. About 75% of the people of our diocese have attended the awareness classes and cancer detection camps conducted in almost all the parishes. In our plan for the cancer care programme last year onwards we have launched “Hair Donation” scheme to help the cancer patients and to share our sympathetic feeling with them. Hence this year from our diocese about 63 youth came forward with courage and determination to donate their hair for the suffering patients. It was indeed a remarkable event which was inaugurated by Bishop Susai Pakiam and blessed with the presence of other dignitaries like K.Muraleedharan M.L.A. Local Fund collection for the cancer patients is Rs.2,42,318 from the entire diocese in this financial year 2018.Radio Health is a unique radio-based health literacy programme conceived and implemented by NRHM, Kerala since 2008. It is a cost effective, sustainable and participatory community health education programme.

Support to the differently abled

Under the leadership of Catholic Health Association of India we supported 150 differently abled children for their educational and medical help in this financial year. Two of the 100% deaf children namely Sebin Stanly of Poonthura, an Engineering mechanical student and Joyson Baiju of Paruthiyur, class VII Vazhuthakkad special school, were provided with Hearing aid by TSSS. All our differently abled children are enrolled in the Niramaya Insurance Policy to get their health treatment secured. In order to safe guard the future of these children we are trying to reach out to different types of help offered for the differently abled children from the part of the Govt.In collaboration with Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Palayam we have reached out with General Health activities around the diocese

Awareness classes for the School children on Junk food and drinks

In order to save the present generation from the clutches of dreadful sickness and ill health we have conducted awareness classes to the children in the schools and in Sunday classes. They were instructed about the disadvantages of attractive fast food packets which destroys their good health. Children were encouraged to cultivate vegetables and fruit trees for a healthy living. From different parishes and schools of our diocese about 800 children profited by the awareness on the bad effect of junk food and drinks.

Reaching out to the coastal areas with health care and hygienic programmes

In collaboration with Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Palayam we have reached out with General Health activities around the diocese. Awareness classes on contagious deceases, life style sickness and disciplined food culture have enlightened people towards a healthy approach to their daily routine of life. They have learned to keep their surroundings clean and green with organic farming and fruit trees cultivation. Eye camp, Dental care, ECG, tests for sugar, preasure and cholesterol were part of medical camps. Medicine free of costs were made available for the people. Leaflets were distributed on different types of contagious diseases and self detection of breast cancer