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To live in a safe and comfortable home of one's own is every one’s right and dream. The recent household survey undertaken by the Archdiocese of Trivandrum (2011) indicates that out of 58501 families in the Archdiocese, 12250 families(22.07%) do not have a proper abode to live in. This is a negation of social justice and equity and is certainly not God’s will. The Almighty God to whom we pray “Thy Kingdom come’ innumerable times a day, wants to see every one of His children, not just the fortunate ones like you and me, live happily in safe and decent  abodes.


It is therefore our firm intent and resolve to launch a project to  realize this great dream of thousands of our  brethren, in the context of the Silver Jubilee of our beloved Archbishop’s Episcopal Ordination.  Hence, we propose this  “Gift a House“ Project




The Project

Is it possible to provide decent and livable housing to all the homeless families in our midst?  Yes, it is possible, provided we stand united with the Almighty to work earnestly and single-mindedly, step by step, towards this  goal.


This appeal is an invitation to  you, your friends and relatives, to heed the cry of the homeless, starting with the homeless in our Archdiocese who do not have their own abodes. This is a clarion call to share, participate and partner with God and His children  by giving out from the bounties He has bestowed upon us—our  physical and monetary resources as also our good hearts and minds.


 This ambitious program, “Gift a House” will be implemented by the Trivandrum Social Service Society (TSSS), starting from February 2015  and is expected to achieve its goal by 2025. In the first year, we propose to construct 100 houses of 400 sq.ft.,at the cost of Rs.4 lakhs each on available house plots, and to purchase land for constructing another 25 houses for the landless. The houses to be built under this project have been designed by the Architecture Department of the Engineering College of our Archdiocese. It will be ensured that the beneficiaries will be the  most deserving homeless families  from both Catholic and non-Christian communities.  The selection  will be based on a priority list prepared through the local communities who have first- hand information about the families.


     In addition to raising  funds from members of our Archdiocese, friends and well-wishers from within and outside the state and country, available government and local body resources will be tapped for the above purpose. Besides, all the institutions with which our Archdiocese is related are expected  to  lend a helping hand for  this noble cause. Individuals with knowledge, expertise and commitment have been inducted as members in the Advisory, General and Executive Committees at the Archdiocese level to organise, implement, monitor and guide the program. Forane and Parish levels bodies are also being constituted to ensure maximum involvement and co-operation


A separate Bank Account  has been opened for the purpose and the details of the same are given below. The progress report with accounts will be placed  in  the website of TSSS to ensure transparency and efficiency. Exemption from Income Tax under Section ….. of the IT Act has been obtained


On behalf of  our  homeless and the landless brethren, we place this  appeal before you to partner and promote this massive housing project  that can transform the lives of thousands of children, youth, women and men in this Archdiocese.


You are welcome to contribute a house in memory of your  loved ones, in gratitude for blessings received from the Almighty or for other intentions. Partial contribution will also be accepted.  You, as a partner in this project, are  assured that  each and every contribution will be utilised  judiciously. Donors List Upto 10-02-2017



Name of Bank and Branch - State Bank of Travencore, Vellayambalam.

Account Holder - HOUSE A GIFT
Account Number- 67312470363
Branchcode -.70308

IFSC Code of Bank- SRTR0000308